Reflection paper about freedom
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    Freedom is all about your free and peacein the world

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    Freedom. It is a word where most people only knows the meaning of when seeing the word "Free".
    Remember Andres Bonifacio and his heroic acts, Jozé Rizal and his sacrifice, Lapu-Lapu and his bravery?
    These are the people who fought for the freedom for the Philippines. And these are the reasons on why we need freedom.

    Freedom is not a joke. Because without freedom, we are nothing. Without freedom, we are being TORTURED. Without freedom, we are being enslaved to everything without doing the thinks we want to do.
    We should all thank every one in the world, dead or alive, who fought for freedom of their selves and people.
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    Ang panlapi ay pag '' ma'' mahal

    Ang Salitang ugat ay ang mahal

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    Naimas ti sida mi nga adobo


    Naimas ti sida mi nga adobo

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Reflection paper about freedomplzzz help me ​...