3.how does customer reviews respond to service failure 4. why is it important to respond to a service failure


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    Factual persuasive speech is based on the questions being asked?
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    India is country in South Asia, with 1.3 Billion population according to Population Commission of Central Hindi Directorate of India. The Hindi language is the dominant language being used in India.

    Hindi Speakers in India

    as First Language: 300 Million speakers

    as Second Language: 200 Million speakers

    English is the second most used language in India in different sub levels of States and Regions according to the Census Agency of India.

    English Speakers in India

    as First Language: 200,000 speakers

    as Second Language: 83 Million speakers

    as Third Language: 46 Million speakers

    Note: India has NO National Language

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    Let us first define the words perishable product and exporting.

    A perishable product is a type of food that has a limited shelf life meaning it will spoil easily if it is not refrigerated.

    Exporting means sending products to another country.

    Exporting a perishable product from the Philippines to the United States have both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of exporting are increase in sales and profits, diversification, potential in expanding the company, selling excess products, gain new knowledge and experience. The disadvantages include spending for extra costs, product modification, payment risks, export licensing and searching for market information.


    Advantages of Exporting perishable products

    1. Increase in Sales and Profits

    Selling perishable products abroad boost sales and increase profits because you will be introducing your product to an international market.

    2. Diversification.

    Selling to international market allows you to diversify your business.

    3. Potential for expanding the company

    Exporting to an international market will increase your chance of expanding your company.

    4. Sell Excess Products

    If you have excess production of your products, you will be able to sell these products abroad.

    5. Gain new knowledge and experience

    Expanding your business internationally can help you gain ideas and information about new business strategies, marketing techniques, and foreign competitors.

    Disadvantages of exporting perishable products

    1. Extra costs

    Venturing to international markets takes more time so you will spend some extra costs in marketing materials, travel and transportation.

    2. Product Modification

    When exporting to foreign countries, you need to modify your product to qualify for the foreign country's safety standards and packaging requirements.

    3. Payment risks.

    Collections for payments maybe at risk but if you ask the customers to pay ahead through paypal or bank deposit before exporting the product then there will be no problem.

    4. Export Licensing

    You need to comply for the documentation and licensing requirements before you can export.

    5. Market Information

    Finding information abroad is more difficult and requires more time.

    Exporting perishable products in the United States requires careful planning, organizing, financial management and marketing plan, commitment and so on.

    To read about importing and exporting product please click this link:

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    Ang Filipino ng "nabukog" ay "natinik". Ito'y kadalasang ginagamit ng mga Bisaya tuwing natitinik sila ng isda.


    Ang sakit ng lalamunan ko, nabukog(natinik) ako ng isda.

    Nabukog(natinik) ang aso ko kaya hindi siya makakain ng maayos na may kasama pang ubo.
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