Pabann dalii w t f dalian nyo na


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    Pepol react diff. becuz that depends of their personalities.. They act diff. to a same situation becuz some might not get the idea of a specific situation, some might.. It depends on the person of how they react to a specific sheyt..

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    My answer is none because if the influence of themes then the history will be not affective

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    We live in an EXTREMELY decontextualized society today. Philosophy helps you organize and understand yourself and what we call the external world in context, as in order to study philosophy, many things are included in that- history among them.

    “Broad” means inclusive, and being inclusive is one of the two ways to think. Philosophy generally means you must grasp how to do both inclusive thinking and divisive or exclusive thinking. Philosophy also shows you enough of both that balancing them eventually becomes important, even if that balance is almost always biased to the exclusive-minded with Western philosophy.


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    Ang sagot ay "Uran"

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